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Excellent Dinner at Country Life

If ever jet-lagged and starving in Prague visit Country Life for a freshly made, flavorful and filling meal. This vegan cafeteria-style restaurant took the stress out of having to learn how to say “does this have meat in it” in Czech within our first few hours there. (Unfortunately, I discovered that ham was something that was often slipped into sandwiches that were advertised as just cheese. There were no worries of that happening at Country Life.)

I was stunned at the variety of food which ranged from comfort foods (potatoes and gravy, soups) to lighter fare (orzo, crisp salads). There are so many options that even the most fervent carnivore would not leave there hungry. You serve yourself from both hot and cold buffets and the final price is determined by the weight of your plate.

The dining area was separated into two rooms. Compared to the freezing cold night outside, the dining area was warm and cozy. It was rather busy for a December night but not overly crowded. Diners ranged from young students studying alone to tourists getting out of the cold to older couples enjoying a night out. At the end of the meal, this no-fuss restaurant required diners to bus their own tables placing trays in a rack in a small dish room.

A small vegan store was located nearby with everything we could have asked for in terms of snacks, meals and drinks.

Country Life and the vegan store can be found in the Stare Mesto district of Prague. It’s within the tourist district and a short walk from the Old Town Square.

Country Life
Melantrichova 15
Stare Mesto
Prague, Czech Republic


5 Comments to “Country Life – Prague”

  1. Definitely good eats.

  2. I have been in Prague for 2 weeks, I absolutely loved. I was there with my friends. During the day we went to visit what the guide told us to: ) but we had a lot of fun during the night.
    I found the city beautiful, like a fairytale land, the towers, the castles, the cathedrals….
    I also found the city safe as you can see in this article from the government pages, I never had a problem by being out till late or walking to the hotel alone. Life there is so cheap we can live very well there. I like the food of Czech Republic too, its very tasty. But I also like vegetarian you should try Radost, it’s the perfect restaurant, in I.P.Pavlova.
    I also was nicely surprised by the place we slept in I’ll leave you here a very good site of Prague hotels, they are cheap and very pleasant. For your next time.

  3. I have a slightly different experience, unfortunately…

  4. Howso? As a resident of Prague, I’m sure you’ve been able to go more than I. How was your experience?

  5. Prag ligger i Tjeckien och är en helt fantastisk stad. En stad man verkligen måste besöka.


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