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“All Pro” Sandwich – Review

[1]I finally had the opportunity to visit the My Organic Market [2] in Alexandria. As the old saying goes, one should not shop on an empty stomach. However, if I hadn’t, then I never would have picked up this sandwich.

The all-organic, meat-free, egg-free and dairy-free “All Pro Sandwich” is made by Sunheen Health Products [3] based out of Pennsylvania.

Made on sprouted multigrain bread, the bulk of the sandwich consisted of a tofu and textured soy patty. The patty was surrounded by lettuce, carrots, roasted peppers, onion, tamari and egg-free mayonnaise.

The patty looked like it could be a little dry but the egg-free mayonnaise provided just the right amount of moisture to it. I also feared that the thin slices of bread would be overwhelmed by the giant tofu slices, but they held their own. All the ingredients were fresh. Both the carrots and lettuce were crispy. I thought it a little odd that there was only one small roasted pepper in the sandwich.

Because there are no eggs to spoil or cheese to melt, this sandwich could survive the rigors of a backpack and provide a substantial snack while hiking, biking or being a tourist.