Easy Ways to Eat Less Meat

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I’m out of town right now so I have not had a chance to cook but I still wanted to share a few articles

It’s really not that hard not to eat meat. But, I still get the question, when people find out I’m a vegetarian, “How do you not eat meat?” The article “Easy Ways to Eat Less Meat” in the Toronto Star doesn’t advocate necessarily going vegetarian. It does, however, talk about how to cut down the amount of meat one is eating. I think it speaks to the omnivorous audience in a way that a vegetarian or vegan article might not.

In a nutshell, forget about what others think and forget about protein, buy less meat, get meat out of the center of your plate, pre-cook, look at restaurant menus differently. And, finally, build a meal around vegetables and grain. See…it’s easy.

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  1. Found your blog while browsing Google. Bookmarked. Looking forward to more nutrition tips.


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