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Great Cooks Blogroll!

[1]I’m pleased to announce that this site has recently been accepted to be included in the Great Cooks Blogroll! I encourage you to check out Simple Daily Recipes [2]. More information on how to join the Great Cooks Blogroll can be found here [3]. Check out the links on the right hand side to other excellent food and recipe sites on the Great Cooks Blogroll. I’m very humbled to be included amongst these impressive sites!

I also want to take this opportunity to encourage you to visit the Great Cooks Community. It’s probably the best food dedicated site I’ve seen. It’s filled with recipes, pictures, conversations, podcasts and more. Check it out! [4] In fact, the Great Cooks Community is how I found out about the Spring Onion and Tomato Curry [5] recipe prepared over at Recipe Den [6].