KFC to Offer Vegan Chicken

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KFC, in an agreement with PETA, will now offer a vegan option in its franchises…in Canada.

Of course, the vegan and vegetarian community reaction to this is mixed. Many saying something along the lines of “Ugh. I hate KFC. I’d never step foot in one of those.”

I found the best reaction to this sentiment on Post Punk Kitchen by Hoveringdog:

Vegans complain about lack of vegan options.
Big, ugly corporation offers vegan-friendly menu item.
Vegans refuse to eat the vegan-friendly menu item of big, ugly corporation.
Big, ugly corporation discontinues vegan-friendly menu item.
Vegans complain about lack of vegan options

Either way, I think this is a step in the right direction…maybe they’ll get this option in some US locations soon. This is all good, of course, if they don’t deep fry the tofu-goodness in the same oil where they deep fry the chicken. (I have not found anything yet stating that this will or will not be the case.)


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