Product Review: Nate’s Vegetarian Taquitos

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I often get into a rut when it comes to fast, easy “snacky type” vegetarian meals that come out of the freezer. On the hunt for something different, we picked up a box of Nate’s Chicken Style Taquitos and decided to give them a try.

There are eight taquitos in the box and they are packed in a zip-top bag for easy re-sealing if you only want to make one or two. Bonus points for that. But, how would they taste?

I used toaster oven rather than the microwave. They are heated at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. After the first five minutes I flipped over for even browning and cooking. Super-easy preparation.

Initially, I was dubious at how these would taste but was surprised at how good they were. They had a nice crunch and were not greasy. The “chicken” was shredded throughout the taquito but didn’t overwhelm the texture. The taquitos had a little tang to them but were not overwhelmingly spicy. If you like spicy mexican foods, you can dip them in salsa and they would do just fine.

These would serve as a quick “something different” snack or a unique “I really don’t feel like cooking but I’m starving” item to keep in the freezer. I probably would end up heating up at least three for a substantial snack. Taking the time to heat up just one will leave you with wanting more.

Nate’s taquitos will definitely be making another appearance in my freezer. Nate’s taquitos also come in “beef style” and black bean/soy cheese.

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3 Comments to “Product Review: Nate’s Vegetarian Taquitos”

  1. I’m trying to become a vegetarian again. I tasted Nates chicken style taquitos and they are very yummy. I can’t tell the difference between the ones with real chicken and Nates. I can’t wait to try Nates other products.

  2. Congrats on your quest to become a vegetarian again. It’s always hard finding something that’s quick to heat up on those days you don’t feel like cooking. I’m going to pick up the other flavors next time I head to the store. Stop by again and let me know what you think of them…

  3. ddf fsdfsdf says:

    Are you kidding? They taste like nothing


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