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Restaurant Review: The Laughing Seed – Asheville, NC

Asheville, North Carolina continues to live up to it’s title of Best Vegetarian-Friendly Small City with The Laughing Seed [4] [1].

The Laughing Seed has a completely different ambiance from the Rosetta’s Kitchen [2] from the night before. This vegetarian restaurant is minimal and upscale in it’s design. In addition to the indoor seating and large bar area there was a large outdoor patio where one can sit and watch the pedestrians strolling the “cat walk”.

The Laughing Seed prides itself in providing a wide-range of world cuisine. The daily specials outlined the constantly rotating selection of pakoras, miyabizushi, soups, and entrees. All corners of the world were represented from asian cuisine, indian treats and some traditional southern fare. Entrees ranged from $8.95 to $14.95.

The crispy asian dumplings were filled with tempeh, cabbage and carrots. The outsides were slightly overcooked (even though on they menu they were described as “fried light”) but the exquisite balsamic soy sauce overcame any inadequacies.

The mushroom risotto cakes were also slightly overcooked. (I wonder if the chef had a heavy hand with the fryer that evening?) The beet sauce complimented the dish well. We did decide, however, that the homemade gravy from from Rosetta’s Kitchen [2] the night before would have been even better. The kale was fresh and cooked as to not be too mushy or too tough to chew. But, they lacked any substantial or remarkable flavor.

The “pasta of the day” was a penne with mixed vegetables and was very tasty. From the white asparagus to the brussel sprouts, everything was cooked to perfection.

My Caribbean Empanadas were very good and filling. The already large portion of…was made even bigger with the slow-cooked beans. The hunks of potatoes and sweet potatoes were generous.The pickled beets that were added as a garnish were vinegary, garlicky and crisp.

When I ordered “unsweetened iced tea”, I was pleasantly surprised to be served an iced herbal green tea of that was unique and refreshing. I gratefully accepted several refills.

The Laughing Seed is definitely a treat when visiting scenic Asheville. It may have been careless cooking or too early in the day for the fryer to get into the groove when we dined there so I will overlook the “overdone”. Because of the constantly rotating menu, I’m sure the dining experience here every time one comes is completely different. It’s a shame that we could not come back for another night.

The Laughing Seed has also been profiled by The Traveling Vegetarian [3].

The Laughing Seed
40 Wall Street
Asheville, North Carolina