Vegetarian “Jerky”

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Eating jerky is synonymous with hiking and camping. It’s lightweight, full of flavor and light to carry. It’s a good quick dose of protein when exerting energy. But, what options for jerky does a vegetarian have?

Primal Spirit Foods provides a choice with the Primal Stick. I found these primal sticks near the cash register at my local organic market – MOM’s. It also looks like they are available through several online outlets.

The packaging was a little tough to open. I had to use kitchen scissors to finally get through the plastic. While on the trail, tools are probably less handy so I’m sure tearing the plastic with your teeth could be a good substitute. (Or, perhaps friendlier packing on the part of the manufacturer?)

Prior to becoming a vegetarian, I had been known to eat a Slim Jim or two…or three. I wouldn’t even try to compare the two here. I did notice, though, that the vegetarian jerky was a bit drier than a Slim Jim. But, that’s not at all bad because I’m sure the meat version of the beef stick was relying on grease and fat to make the stick more moist. The outside of the stick had a sort of thin, for lack of a better term, “skin” on them that made them sort of snap when I bit into them.

I tried both the pepperoni flavored and smoked and liked them both. All in all,  these are a pretty good snack for throwing into a backpack or suitcase when traveling to places where vegetarian options may be limited.

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