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Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro is located right on the main strip of Commerce Street in Portland, Maine. It was quite busy for a Friday night. When we left, there looked like there was a wait to get in. If you face a wait, it’s well worth it because the food was excellent.

Beyond the normal menu, the Bistro offered various specials. We thought that the asian wraps were worth a try and they were refreshing and crisp. The peanut sauce was like a silken warmed peanut butter and not gritty. A little soy sauce or tamari on the side would have made the dish perfect. Even through the wraps were quite large, they were the perfect starter as they were light enough not to fill us up.

The Char Guay Teow was phenomenal. It’s described as a “Malaysian stir-fried wide rice noodles w/egg, bean sprouts, scallion, Sambal Oelek (red chili paste) tofu, and soy ham. Topped w/shredded lettuce and cilantro.” I was surprised at how good the soy ham was in this dish. The subtaintial chunks of soy ham added a salty taste to the dish.

The Peanut Curry was served with a side of brown rice. The carrots were soft but still maintained a crisp bite. Big pieces of soy meat and chick peas rounded out the dish. The soy meat had the consistency of chicken, and could have been a little smaller so that the pieces didn’t overwhelm the dish. The sauce of coconut milk and curry spices were blended perfectly.

Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro provides a casual atmosphere with upscale and unique cuisine. Although they advertise as “asian-influenced” they successfully provide a wide variety of options that goes beyond traditional asian vegetarian cuisine.

Green Elephant Vegetarian Bistro
608 Congress St.
Portland, Maine 04101

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