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Normally, a room service menu is nothing to write home about. I usually end up having to choose from some sort of pasta dish, a pizza or a grilled cheese off of the children’s menu. (Sometimes ordering off the children’s menu isn’t all that easy. Seriously. I once had a room service staff person tell me that I only had the choice of milk or juice to drink as I was ordering off the children’s menu. She stubbornly refused to realize that I was ordering it for me.) Today, however, I was pleasantly surprised at what the Hard Rock Hotel had on its room service menu.

The lengthy menu provided many options including asparagus tempura fries, portabella burger, wild mushroom linguini. They also had several other options that could be easily modified including the rigatoni and quesadillas. But, the best items on the menu were a vegetarian chili and a tofu “steak” sandwich. Undeterred by the choice, I ordered both.

Rather than relying on a vegetarian ground ‘meat’, the substance of the chili came from lentils. The chili was more like a stew with large chunks of tomatoes. It was a welcome and stomach warming chili. This was quite welcomed as I am fighting a cold and wanted something hearty to make me feel better.

The tofu steak sandwich was quite filling all on it’s own. Served on toasted white bread, the pieces of tofu were about 1/2 inch thick and marinated in some sort of asian dressing. The sandwich was stacked with tomatoes, arugula, radish and sprouts. They were not skimpy on the serving of fries – the entire plate was filled with them.

As an added bonus, the tray included a nice strawberry and banana parfait.

Kudos to Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago for having such an expansive menu for vegetarians.

Hard Rock Hotel – Chicago
230 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60601

Update: The next night I ordered the asparagus tempura fries and a garden salad. They were both also impressive in their presentation and taste.

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