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After two long days of driving from DC up to Nova Scotia, I was not looking forward to yet another grilled cheese and french fry dinner, much less a green salad as a main course.

We stopped in the small town of Stellarton, and, in a weary search of our hotel, drove past a restaurant called Jungle Jim’s. After checking in to our hotel, we whipped our computers out. Our internet research told us that Jungle Jim’s is “the most widely recognized casual restaurant operator in Newfoundland, and the largest (non-pizza) operator in Atlantic Canada”.   The menu had a welcome sight – a section called “Veggie Patch” featuring vegetarian items. They even went so far as to warn which items would normally come with bacon. (However, note that the Caesar Salad, a common pairing in the “veggie patch” section probably has anchovies in the dressing but there did not seem to be a warning about that.)

We were traveling during the off-season and, even worse, it was a Monday night. This large cavernous restaurant was nearly empty save three other small groups at booths. The interior was, well, quite festive to say the least. True to its name, the restaurant had a jungle feel complete with animals tacked here and there. At this point, I was so road weary that if the servers came out swinging on ropes, I wouldn’t have cared.

The fettuccine alfredo came with a green salad that hosted more than just tomatoes. It was piled with fresh mushrooms and broccoli. The pasta itself was as good as it could have been for a fettuccine alfredo. Not too much to write home about but nothing to scoff at as it was warm and filling.

The vegetable fajitas came out on a sizzling on a large plank. The vegetables were grilled and almost blackened and included mushrooms, green and red peppers, and onions. The menu also said there should be broccoli and cauliflower, but I didn’t see any. The fajitas came with a choice of wheat or white tortillas and a generous serving of mexican rice. The meal was rounded out with some lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream. I pushed my sleeves up and immediately began assembly, I didn’t even feel tired anymore once I started eating. The fajitas were a definite change from the normal road food.

Jungle Jim’s is a Canadian chain and locations seem to be everywhere.  I applaud their efforts at having a wide range of vegetarian selections in a special section on their menu.

Jungle Jim’s
Stellarton, Nova Scotia
127 North Foord Street
Trans-Canada Highway #104, Exit 24

The restaurant is near the Museum of Industry which is definiately worth the stop if driving near Stellarton or New Glasgow.

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