World Vegetarian Day – October 1, 2008

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Happy World Vegetarian Day!

This is the kick-off to vegetarian awareness month. What does that mean? Well…

Challenge a co-worker to go a day without eating meat. Perhaps teach a family member how to cook a meatless ziti. Ask a restaurant manager to expand their vegetarian options. Or, find a friend to go to the farmers market and buy a vegetable or fruit they have never had before.

I generally do not try to convert people over to vegetarianism.  What I do like to do is to convey to folks how easy it actually is to live without meat and it’s not a bizarre thing to do. I am fortunate, however, to live in an area where vegetarianism is not considered strange and it is accepted. I just hope that the open-mindedness can spread to other areas. Most of all, I’d like to reduce the number of times people ask the following questions when they find out I’m a vegetarian:

– how do you get protein?
– do you eat chicken?
– and, my personal favorite, yes I’ve been asked this, what do you eat for Thanksgiving?

So, go out and celebrate World Vegetarian Day by going a day without meat. You may be surprised at how easy it actually is.

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  1. Very nice post on nutrition. Hope to learn more from you.


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