Yes, Virginia, There is an Eggless Eggnog. And, it’s Actually Good.

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It’s definitely nog season. But, have you ever looked at the back of an eggnog carton? You’ll be shocked at how much a single serving will set you back on your daily caloric and fat intake. (You might as well take a spoon to a tub of butter!) Rather than spending extra hours in the gym to work off regular eggnog, check out Vitasoy Holly Nog instead. It’s an eggless, dairy free, organic soy beverage that’s lightly seasoned to taste just like eggnog.

Holly Nog has 60 calories per 4 fluid ounce serving versus 172 for the same amount of regular eggnog. Holly Nog’s total fat of 1 gram per 4 fluid ounce serving (2% of daily value) eclipses regular eggnog’s 9.6 grams (16% daily value). As for saturated fat, Holly Nog has none while regular eggnog will give you 5.6 grams (or 28% of your daily value).

The consistency is not as thick as regular eggnog but it was thick enough to be satisfying. And, it’s flavor was dead on to regular eggnog. Enjoy with a little bit of nutmeg sprinkled on the top and you’re good to go!

Holly Nog is a great option for vegans and lactose intolerant or those looking to save a few calories over the decadent holiday season.

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