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Meatless Mondays: The Omnivore’s Non-Dilemma

My vegetarian chili recipe (and picture) was included in today’s Meatless Monday e-newsletter [1]. I’m thrilled because I think that Meatless Mondays is an excellent initiative. Anyone can do it.

Meatless Monday [2] is a “national health campaign to help Americans prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer – four of the leading causes of death in America.” This campaign basically challenges folks to make one simple change – to make one day of the week meatless. By doing so, saturated fat intake is reduced which definitely is a great step towards a healthier lifestyle. Here comes the science [3].

You’re probably wondering, “But, you’re a vegetarian, isn’t every day meatless for you?” Well, yes. The Meatless Monday campaign is for our omnivore friends. Meatless Monday is not “preaching” vegetarianism but instead informing folks about eating in moderation.

The Meatless Monday campaign works in association with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health and is supported by Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Twenty-eight other public health schools also support the campaign along with a bevy of corporate sponsors.

Omnivores that are tempted to try a day a week without meat don’t have to panic. The Meatless Monday site [2] is packed with recipes, nutritional information, articles and more.  In fact, there is a great FAQ section [4] that goes into more details in an easy to understand manner. (The FAQ’s even hit the oft heard question, “Oh, no! Will I get enough protein?”)

I could go on, but I’ll let Meatless Monday [2] speak for themselves.

In short…if you go just one day a week without meat you will be healthier.

(-end soapbox-)