Best Veggie Burgers Found in Pittsboro, North Carolina

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As a vegetarian, I’ve become used to going into restaurants where the only option is a veggie burger. That’s fine by me. But, oftentimes, when it’s brought to the table, I’m usually faced with a sad little cardboard patty on a bun. Many restaurants seem to have this menu item to just say they have something for a vegetarian rather than considering that the vegetarian actually wants something good to eat. Worst of all, I tend to face these cardboard hockey pucks at places that are perfect for getting together with friends and grabbing a good beer.

Well, that streak of bad burgers in good locations has now changed. Last year, I visited the Carolina Brewery and declared that they had the best veggie burger I have ever had. I unfortunately did not have my camera with me. But, recently, I had a chance to go back and savor this burger again.

The veggie burgers are handmade at the restaurant. It is a slightly spicy patty with corn and black beans explodes with flavor. It is served with a really tasty chipotle mayonnaise. Served on a really fresh kaiser bun, this burger isn’t considered just a throw-away vegetarian menu item.

Carolina Brewery Veggie Burger

I think I found out  why this burger is so good. It turns out that the Chef, Paul Rhoades, is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. So, thank you Chef Rhoades for not turning a blind eye to vegetarians and creating a great veggie burger with the same care you have with your other dishes.

The vegetarian burger is not the only option for vegetarians. They kindly mark vegetarian options on the menu with a little carrot. The carrots are everywhere. There is a mushroom ravioli, several focaccia pizza options and many other items. In fact, five of the seven appetizers are vegetarian.

And, lest I forget, since this is a brewery, I should mention that the house brewed beer is phenomenal as well.

Carolina Brewery

120 Lowes Drive, Suite 100
Pittsboro, NC

460 West Franklin Street
Chapel Hill, NC

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  1. I am not a vegetarian but I would prefer that burger than any meat one. It sounds great.


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