General Tso’s Tofu and Chinese Noodles

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General Tso's Tofu and Chinese Noodles

This recipe looks like it has a lot of steps. It really doesn’t. It’s basically marinate and cook tofu, boil then stir-fry noodles, cook broccoli and enjoy.  In the spirit of full disclosure, though, the tofu pan and the noodle stir-fry pan are a bit messy to clean up afterward. But, give them a good soak and they’ll clean right up.  It’s totally worth it.

General Tso’s Tofu and Chinese Noodles
1 bottle General Tso’s sauce
1 12oz package, extra firm tofu
1 10oz package Chinese noodles
1/2 16oz package frozen organic broccoli
liquid aminos or soy sauce

Drain tofu by placing on plate lined with paper towels. Place paper towels on top of tofu. Put another plate on top and weigh down with another plate or other item. Press tofu for one hour to remove as much liquid as possible. (Change paper towels as necceary.)

Cut tofu into 1 inch squares. And put into bowl or cylindrical container. Pour the General Tso’s sauce over tofu and stir (or cover the container and roll it around a bit) to coat. Marinate covered for at least 15 minutes in refrigerator. (You can marinate tofu while preparing noodles and broccoli.)

General Tso's Tofu and Chinese Noodles

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add Chinese noodles and cook until soft. Drain noodles and place in bowl. Drizzle a little canola oil over the noodles for a light coating.

General Tso's Tofu and Chinese Noodles

Add noodles to pre-heated skillet on medium-high and stir-fry until they turn slightly brown. Place in bowl and add a few sprays of liquid aminos or some soy sauce to taste.

Cook broccoli per package directions.

Heat about a tablespoon of oil in a large skillet on medium-high heat. Add marinated tofu to skillet. Cook on all sides until browned. Add cooked broccoli to the container the tofu was marinating in and stir to coat with leftover sauce.

Put noodles on plate, top with tofu and broccoli.
General Tso's Tofu and Chinese Noodles

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