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The San Francisco Soup Company – why couldn’t this place be called Washington DC Soup Company? I would eat lunch here every day if it was located on the East Coast. As a vegetarian, it’s so refreshing to enter a restaurant and have items identified as vegan or vegetarian. This is even more refreshing when ordering soups because of ubiquitous chicken or beef stock in many soup recipes.

The San Francisco Soup Company boasts a long list of fresh soups that were vegetarian. The gentleman behind the counter gave me the  opportunity to sample a few soups. I had trouble deciding between a hot pea soup and  a cold avocado based southwestern soup. We also ordered a tomato bisque.  The menu changes daily but can be found easily on their website.

The tomato bisque had several complex flavors and depth. It was smoky and creamy. On a cool spring day, the soup was warming and filling.

San Francisco Soup Company - Tomato Soup

I finally decided on the cold avocado soup as it was refreshing and light. I added some hot sauce and sour cream and it became a fantastic mid-afternoon snack.

San Francisco Soup Company - Avocado Soup

There are 16 locations around San Francisco according to their website. I also just found out that there is a San Francisco Soup Company location in the SFO airport in Terminal 3. On my next layover, I definitely will be stopping by.

San Francisco Soup Company
Various Locations
San Francisco, California

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