Folklife Festival: Wales Brings on the Veggie Options in DC

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Wales at Folklife Festival

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival has taken over the Mall in downtown Washington DC and, once again, it doesn’t disappoint. The festival seeks to increase awareness of various cultures and traditions through exhibits, presentations, performance, demonstrations and, best of all, food. This year, Wales was the featured nation. Flanagan’s Harp and Fiddle has a food tent set up with several menu items that are suitable for vegetarians…including a vegetarian Glamorgan sausage.

Wales Menu at Folklife Festival

According to a more detailed menu,

Glamorgan sausages, traditionally made as a way to make use of stale bread and leftover cheese, are now a staple of Welsh menus. After adding onion or leek, a little mustard, and a beaten egg for moisture, the mixture is molded into sausage shapes, dipped in breadcrumbs, and fried. Served with a pickle or chutney, Glamorgan sausages are enjoyed by vegetarians and meat lovers alike.

Vegetarian Sausage at Folklife Festival
Vegetarian Sausage at Folklife Festival

The Glamorgan sausage was quite good and served nice and hot. The crisp outside protected a soft core. Make no mistake, this was not made to mimic an actual sausage as it is quite bready. As an afternoon snack, it tasted quite good and I must now figure out how to make it. I must also find some of the Tomos Watkin’s beer. It paired perfectly with the meal.

The Folklife Festival is free of charge and runs until July 5, 2009.

Wales at Folklife Family

3 Comments to “Folklife Festival: Wales Brings on the Veggie Options in DC”

  1. The Irish folks running this concession have learned well from the Welsh visitors. The ‘sausage’ is my favorite, too. The drover’s platter is pretty good. Top it all off with the ice cream with the Penderyn whisky sauce — ask for extra sauce. You’ve got 5 more days (1 – 5 July 09).

  2. Megabeth says:

    I had no idea there was whiskey sauce available. I will definitely go back and check it out. Thanks, RC!

  3. Very nice post and blog. Pls check out my video on Wales Cymru



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