A Vegetarian Down Under: Review of Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

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Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney did not disappoint…I think. I say that because we were quite jetlagged during our dinner that we were hoping that there wouldn’t be a full plate of food in front of us when our heads hit the table in exhaustion. A 14 hour time difference hit us hard and hit us right during this meal.  That said, we were glad that we fought through the tiredness as this meal was really quite good.

Harvest Vegetarian is located in the Rozelle area of Sydney and off the beaten tourist path so we ended up taking a quick cab ride from Darling Harbor. When you approach the restaurant, it seems like you’re in the wrong place to find a restaurant because the area looks a bit residential.

We were the first to arrive in the restaurant so it was a little quiet at the beginning of the meal. But by 7:00 the place was filled with several couples and larger groups. It’s an intimate setting so it was easy to overhear all conversations in the place, but, trust me, that helped to drown out some of the really strange music coming over the speakers. Apparently, this restaurant can get a bit crowded so, it’s probably best to call for reservations if you’re not planning to get there right when it opens.

As with many vegetarian restaurants, it was hard to decide which entree to get. The menu was pretty extensive and included a harvest curry, a nutty cheese and leek tart, soba noodle stir fry, and a savory mushroom pancake stack. There was a wide variety of flavors and dishes to get from all around the globe. Our server was very polite and even informed us that the main dishes would take a little bit to cook as everything is made from scratch. We took that opportunity to order the twice baked goat cheese soufle as a starter. I’m glad we did because it was a great way to start the meal. The souffle was a delicate cloud bursting with goat cheese flavor. (The room is brightly painted but the lighting is dark – that’s why most the photos came out a bit blurry as my camera was working on mostly candlelight.)

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

The zucchini boats served on a bed of English spinach were the highlight of the meal. The stuffing inside the zucchini was pureed and smooth. The stuffing was unique because it included a slight hint of lemon which freshened the taste of the dish.

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

The English spinach and kamara gnocchi were quite large and dense. The menu explained that sweet potatoes made the base of the gnocchi so that added a unique twist to the dish. They were more like large dumplings, and I really prefer my gnocchi to be smaller and lighter.  There is a choice of either a lemon and garlic cream sauce or a roasted tomato sauce. The roasted tomato sauce was hearty and was really what made the gnocchi taste delicious.

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

My arm was twisted into getting desert even though my thoughts were more towards getting to bed, but I’m glad I acquiesced. I had the white and dark chocolate truffles and they were heavenly and decadent.

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant in Sydney, Australia

With full and happy stomachs, we were ready to head back to our hotel. Our server gladly called us a cab which arrived a few short minutes later.

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant is one of the few fully vegetarian restaurants in the Sydney area that featured more than just Asian dishes and it’s worth a trip over to Rozelle. Just be sure that you have conquered your jet lag and you’ll have an even better time.

It turns out that this restaurant has been around for many years, but it does not seem to have its own website. It’s a shame, because the place has great character and an interesting menu and their own website will allow them to  share their vision of the restaurant in their own words.

Harvest Vegetarian Restaurant
71 Evans St
Rozelle NSW 2039
Phone (02) 9818 4201

harvest vegetarian restaurant - outside

(Due to the aforementioned jet lag, I completely forgot to take a picture of the outside of the restaurant. The exterior shot was actually taken by Scotticus_ via flickr)

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