Newsflash: DC Folks Can Check Out New Vegan Burrito at Chipotle

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DC Vegans were all abuzz this morning when the following Facebook status appeared on the Chipotle fan page:

“Today at the Dupont Circle restaurant in Washington, D.C., we will start serving Garden Blend. Garden Blend is a vegan blend of plant proteins, grains and vegetables marinated in our chipotle adobo, then grilled. D.C., now you have breakfast at Dulles and Garden Blend at Dupont. Enjoy! – Colin”

According to this great review, it sounds like the burrito is pretty durn tasty.

So, if you’re in DC and near Dupont Circle, check out the new Garden Blend option, give Chipotle feedback, and this menu item could go nationwide. (Oh, and report back here and let us know how it was…) If I’m over there, you know I’ll be getting one.

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