Looking for Vegetarian Options When Traveling? Try the Detroit Airport

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Traveling by air over the holidays? You might want to check out this new report on the nation’s healthiest, and least healthy, airports. As a vegetarian, you may rearrange your trips to make sure your layover airports have choices for you.

Holiday travelers with layovers in Detroit, San Francisco, Phoenix, and other busy hubs will easily find healthful, cholesterol-free vegetarian meals, according to a new report. The 2009 Airport Food Review, just released by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), also found that all three airports serving the nation’s capital—Dulles International, Washington National, and Baltimore/Washington International—are among the lowest-ranking airports for healthful options.

Of course, all of my DC hometown airports would rank the lowest. (At least I have the option to fill up with breakfast, lunch or dinner at home before my flight…)

The rankings were made by assigning one point for each restaurant that had at least one low-fat, cholesterol-free vegetarian entree. The “score” was derived by taking the total number of restaurants serving one of the low-fat, cholesterol-free vegetarian entrees by the total number of restaurants.

After spending several hours in the Vegas airport, I can personally vouch that they deserve the ranking of dead last on this list.

Airport Score Healthful Restaurants/
Total Restaurants
1. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 100% 54/54
2. San Francisco International Airport 94% 60/64
3. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport 87% 54/62
4. Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport 86% 49/57
5. Newark Liberty International Airport 85% 58/68
6. (tie) Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport 83% 50/60
6. (tie) Orlando International Airport 83% 39/47
7. (tie) Denver International Airport 80% 45/56
7. (tie) Los Angeles International Airport 80% 45/56
8. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 77% 75/97
9. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport 76% 65/86
10. Miami International Airport 72% 28/39
11. Baltimore/Washington International Airport 71% 27/38
12. Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport 70% 23/33
13. (tie) Chicago O’Hare International Airport 68% 64/94
13. (tie) Washington Dulles International Airport 68% 23/34
14. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport 66% 38/58

2 Comments to “Looking for Vegetarian Options When Traveling? Try the Detroit Airport”

  1. Thanks so much for your site. Sorry to learn Vegetate is closing. but it sounds like it will find another location. I ate there 3 times. Did you like it? I thought the food was good but sparse and a little pricey.

    I’m in DC too. Are you in any healthy food meet-ups? I’m in one and looking for more.

  2. Hi Susan, I’ve eaten at Vegetate a few times. They were a little sparse in their servings but we usually ordered off the menu like it was tapas so we ate off of everyone’s dishes. Now that I think about it, I suppose if you’re eating just off one plate they do indeed give very “delicate” servings. I will hopefully make it back one more time before they close…there will be a huge gap in that type of vegetarian cuisine until they return.

    I’m not currently in any healthy food meet-ups. If you have any leads on any, I’d love to hear about them. I hope to get more involved in local groups in 2010.


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