Earthquake in Haiti: Meals Beginning to Reach the Hungry, A Lot More Needed

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Copyright: WFP/Alejandro Lopez Chicheri

The devastating earthquake in Haiti reminds this food blogger to be thankful for every meal that’s in front of me. If you’re feeling the same, please consider donating to The World Food Programme (WFP).

Friends of WFP is a U.S.-based, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that focuses on building support in the United States for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) and other hunger relief operations…WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian organization, working to put hunger at the center of the international agenda and promoting policies, strategies and operations that directly benefit the poor and hungry.

WFP personnel are on the ground in Haiti and are distributing food but Bettina Luescher, chief spokesperson for the WFP says, “Food is needed urgently and we still have substantive needs to fund.” 

So, while you’re waiting for your pasta water to boil or your garlic bread to toast consider taking that moment to donate to WFP or another relief charity of your choice.

Also, if you are so inclined, The BloggerAid Cookbook is still available for purchase. Food bloggers from over 60 countries contributed recipes to create a unique collection of dishes from around the world. Proceeds of this cookbook are also directed to WFP. (My recipe for Spinach Stuffed Shells is just one of the many recipes included in this cookbook.)

"WFP has started a massive effort to assist millions of vulnerable Haitians. 3,000 people were assisted in Jacmel the day after the earthquake. Currently staff is operating from a parking lot in the airport. However WFP personnel has been able to organize distributions of HEB, jerricans and water purification tablets targeting today over 2,500 people. Additional emergency personnel are reaching the disaster by plane via Panama, El Salvador Dubai, Australia, Italy and the Dominican Republic to scale up operations as soon as possible." Copyright: WFP/Alejandro Lopez Chicheri

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