Veggie Table: An Actual Vegetarian Cooking Show

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Now my Tivo finally has some vegetarian fare to keep itself happy. I stumbled across a great vegetarian cooking show as I was flipping channels on a lazy Sunday afternoon – “Veggie Table” on  BridgesTV. Oh happy day! A vegetarian cooking show!

Veggie Table is presented in a two person format featuring a cook, Ronica Sajnani, and her sidekick, Karen Johnson. They definitely move beyond the Food Channel fare and feature recipes such as Spicy Carrots Sabzi Achar and Tempeh Scallopine.

The recipes they feature on Veggie Table are very diverse and focus on recipes from all over the world.  Those bottles have had less exposure to light.) Ms. Sajnani  is also very good about giving tips as she’s using ingredients and suggests substitutions and alternative ways to make the meal.  She’s very methodical with her teaching style. Meanwhile, during the preparation, helpful hints about the recipe and the ingredients appear on the screen. (For example, I never thought about grabbing olive oil from the back of the grocery store shelf as it has been less likely to be exposed to light.)

After watching a few episodes, however, I noticed that there is sort of an uncomfortable banter between Karen and Ronica. Ronica spends most her time answering Karen’s questions and gets sidetracked from talking about the recipe. That’s not so bad, but when she’s answering the question, Karen steps right on top of the answer to ask another one. But, don’t let that turn you away from this show, they prepare lots of great vegetarian recipes and I’ve learned a lot from listening to the Ronica.

I’ve tried to find out more information about Ronica’s background and information about the show, but I couldn’t find much online. As far as I can tell, BridgesTV is rerunning episodes. The episodes I captured on my Tivo were originally broadcast sometime between 1999 to 2005. But, like I Love Lucy and The Brady Bunch, these re-runs of Veggie Table stand the test of time. (Ok, so Brady Bunch is a bit retro, but I suppose that’s a debate for another time and another site.) From the pieces I could put together, Ronica is an actress that turned to learning more about cooking when faced with having to feed her children nutritious and interesting dishes that were also edible.

Check out your tivo listings or go here to see when Veggie Table is on in your area. If you can’t find it, don’t fret, I managed to find a list of their recipes here on a Canadian tv site.


7 Comments to “Veggie Table: An Actual Vegetarian Cooking Show”

  1. Hi there intesting you should make that comment about the hosts. I used to watch this show but stopped watching it simply because the girl with the long hair who I can only assume is Karen was too annoying. I found her questions stupid and irritating and she didn’t seem to understand even the basics of cooking never mind vegetarian cooking. Otherwise could have been on the air for longer? who knows. lol

  2. Well it’s nice to see the following of the veggie table continues this is Karen the girl you called annoying and asked stupid questions! Well just to inform you that it was my role on the show to ask questions and no I didn’t know how to cook that is why we were on the show in those roles! The show continued on air internationally I may add for 13years and continues to up here in Canada! As of recent Ronica and I have teamed up once again I have created a new cooking show ! Check out the new website unfortunately we will be cooking both vegge and non veggie dishes! You really shouldn’t judge people until you ave all the facts!

  3. Dear Karen,
    What kind of facts you want us to know???? All facts are right there where you are standing and asking ridiculous questions and make silly comments, is there any program director or sombody who could help you to form intelligent coment or questions for you, so the show could be possible to watch, perhabs you could help to wash the dishes or vegetables you must have some kind of ability?
    If you didn’t learn anything in 13-15 years LOL, being in this show you must have very dull mind, and stupidity to continue , who hired you ?
    who is paying for this nonsens of yours. you are ruing this cooking veggies show .
    Ronica could be 100% more successful running this show on her own.

  4. Obviously kristal you are an individual with a simple mind and intellect ! As we can see from your spelling ! Stop living in the past and move on ! You must be very bored with your life and have nothing better to do then hide behind your website and attempt to comment on things. Trust me your no expert! I find you most annoying and stupid!

  5. You should take down the show logo from your site as well! You do not have permission to use our pictures or logo ! Can you spell lawsuit Kristal!

  6. Ok, ladies. I hate to do this but I’m going to close comments on this post.

    While I appreciate open engagement, personal attacks and threats are really not my style here.

    In the meantime, everyone, thank you for stopping by.

    Karen – as a personal note, I appreciate you understanding my original post from a couple years ago. I think it’s a good show and appreciate everything you are doing to promote the vegetarian lifestyle. I still capture episodes on my Tivo. I look forward to checking out your new show. I’m glad you’ll still be featuring vegetarian dishes…and hope you are able to continue to do so.


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