Vegetarian Restaurant Review: Zippy’s, Oahu, Hawaii

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Oahu, HawaiiSometimes traveling as a vegetarian isn’t difficult at all. We found that Oahu was a surprisingly vegetarian-friendly. However, be prepared, sometimes, demand outpaced supply. More than once I tried to order a veggie burger or a taro burger at various locations and was told that they were sold out of them. One guy, at a busy open-air roadside establishment near the North Shore told us that they didn’t have any taro burgers left because “lot’s of people order them” Uh, so, perhaps work on having more on hand so I don’t have to walk away pouting?

That said, we finally did happen upon a place that had a vegetarian burger. After a long day of travel and adventure, we stopped off at a local chain diner called Zippy’s. They had an extensive menu, with many vegetarian options.

The vegetarian chili was actually pretty good, but wasn’t very spicy. A splash of Tabasco fixed that right up. As you can see, I asked for onions and cheese and they didn’t skimp on giving me some.

The veggie-tofu patty was the perfect meal after a day of swimming and hiking. It, too, wasn’t overwhelming with spice and was mild in flavor but it was filling and pretty tasty for diner food.

Don’t expect a gourmet meal at Zippy’s. It’s food that’s simple, fast and good.

Zippy’s has 24 locations on Oahu so one usually isn’t far away.

(In the interest of full disclosure, this review was written in March, 2009. I never got around to posting it for whatever reason. So, the taste experience and menu options are reflective of our 2009 experience at Zippy’s.)

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