Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Worth the Watch

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If you haven’t already, set your Tivos to record Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver, the spiky hair product-addicted chef also known as “The Naked Chef”, visits Henderson, West Virginia to help open their eyes to healthy eating. Why Huntington? Well, it has the dubious distinction of being ranked number one in a list of the “fattest cities in the world.”

Ok, I’ll admit, parts of the show hits all of the reality show hot buttons – feel good music, shocking revelations, hokey stunts – but it’s really worth viewing. In one scene, children are asked to identify the simplest of vegetables…and they couldn’t. But, show those same kids a preservative packed chicken nugget made out of questionable bits and their mouths start watering.

Jamie Oliver also takes on the Lunch Ladies of an elementary school to get them to switch their thinking about processed foods. They are a tough bunch of gals but, by the second episode, you start to see glimpses of reluctant understanding. You can see already, it’s going to be a difficult road to get entire school systems to buy into his plan.

Will any of his efforts change the minds of the residents? Can his efforts help open the eyes of decision makers? Time will only tell. But, I do hope that the show does make some folks turn to their kids to teach them how to use a knife and fork or perhaps introduce them to something other than processed foods during their next meal.

The show airs on ABC on Friday nights. Previous episodes can be found on abc.com.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for more on the topic of US school lunches, check out this teacher that started eating school lunches every day and is documenting it. I’m amazed at how much pre-packaged, plastic-wrapped, unidentifiable, and yellow-tinged foods are are being eaten by kids in schools. (Sadly, this can often be the biggest meal of the day for some kids.)

By the way, I would be remiss if I didn’t give a shout-out to my mom. I was extremely lucky. She packed my lunch with a sandwich, a fruit or vegetable and a cookie treat every day. She also taught me what’s good to eat and what’s a “sometimes” food. Thank you!

(All pictures and images in this post are from www.jamieoliver.com.)

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