Vegetarian Giro d’Italia: Italian Sandwiches – Panini and Pane Bagnato

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Sometimes we have to make it through a race drafting and depending on our teammates to survive a stage. To be perfectly honest, life became a bit hectic in the later stages of the Giro around the Veggin’ household. Work, travel, night-time commitments, have made it a battle to find time in the kitchen. (I suppose I could have documented some of the penne pasta I made, but olive oil, freshly ground pepper and Parmesan cheese do not an interesting post make.)

This is where I depend on some previous recipes to keep me afloat through the finish. But, I can say, we cannot deny the Italian’s love of bread. It’s incorporated in a variety of ways, but most famously, in sandwich form. So, let’s take a look at some Italian breadlicious recipes.

These are two favorites that I’ve made several times since they’ve appeared on Veggin’. Both are great recipes during the summer months when you’re picnicking or grilling.

The pane bagnato is a great party sandwich that can be made the day before you have to hit the road. (Those with a keen eye will notice that the original recipe was entitled “pan bagnat”. Ok, fine, I’m busted. It’s a french name BUT it’s also an Italian recipe. In other words, the concept is the same but the name is different. They both result in a “bathed bread”.)

The second recipe is eggplant panini which is a great way to use the grill and make folks around you regret choosing the “same old” hot dog. (Yes, I’ve made this in front of carnivores and made them jealous of this creation.) Both sandwiches rely on pressing the sandwich so the flavors have a chance to bring an oozy flavor throughout each bite.

Please do enjoy!

Recipe for Pan Bagnat (aka Pane Bagnato)

Recipe for Grilled Eggplant Panini

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