Veggin’ Giro d’Italia: A Vegetarian Tour of Italy Begins May 8th!

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Benvenuto! After surviving last year’s Vegetarian Tour de France, I decided to tackle the Granddaddy of all cycling races – the Giro d’Italia. On May 8th,  219 riders will embark on a 21-day race that will take them through most of Italy. It’s a grueling race filled with drama, intrigue and lots of steep climbing.  Meanwhile, Italian cooking is as diverse as its nineteen regions and lends itself beautifully to a vegetarian diet. Over the next few weeks on Veggin’, we will be feasting on fresh vegetables, pasta, cheeses and fine wines that have all been influenced by local Italian terrain, customs and cultural influences. We may even have some guest posts or two during this Italian odyssey. (Which, yes, does include some parts of the Netherlands…)

Luckily, I won’t just be stuck in the kitchen but watching the daily coverage and keeping my eye on some fine Italian scenery such as this…

Oh, no. Wait, Daniele Bennati will not be riding this year. I suppose we’ll have to settle for this fine Italian scenery.

Did she eat all the roses?

If you’re not familiar with the Giro, head on over to Podium Cafe for some great write-ups, live stage threads and not so occasional references to The Big Lebowski. (And, a warm welcome to all of you hooligans who have ventured over from Podium Cafe.)

Tune in on May 8th for my first recipe…you’ll be glad you did! Grazie!

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  1. Totally awesome….i am still amazed at the great info i come accross on the web….this is very helpfull…thanks


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