Vegetarian Restaurant Review: 4Square Deli & Gifts, Little Rock, Arkansas

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Little Rock boasts only one vegetarian restaurant. Yes, you read that right. One.

There are, of course, vegetarian friendly menus scattered around town, but there is only one with an entirely vegetarian menu – 4square Deli & Gifts. It was very convenient for a tourist traveler like me as it’s located right in across from the Little Rock River Market and down a few blocks from the Museum of Discovery.

What I like about this place is that unsuspecting carnivores are lured into 4Square Gifts by the walls filled with local Arkansas jellies, jams, spices and gifts. There are only a few stickers scattered around indicating that they serve vegetarian fare so it looks more like a gift market with a snack counter.  It’s only if you’re paying attention to the menu closely that you finally realize “Hey, there’s no meat in here!” On second thought, I wonder how many people actual notice the lack of meat in the first place.

As for the menu, I also loved the selection of light items – wraps, salads, paninis, and soups. I ordered an Indian spiced chickpea wrap. I bit into the wrap and was surprised with the depth of flavor from the spicy seasonings to the chickpeas to the hunks of tofu. I had just come off of a long bike ride in 100+ degree heat starving and tired. Man, this wrap was good. Exactly what I needed to nourish both the stomach and the soul.

I also grabbed a sprouted mung bean salad from their refrigerator to munch on while waiting for my wrap. This light and bright salad was tasty and satisfying. As I sat eating it, I heard the woman next to me say, “That bean salad looks really good. Look.” She was right, it was really good – very crunchy and very zesty.

4Square Deli & Gifts is a hidden gem in downtown Little Rock. It’s definitely worth a visit to get a great light meal to eat at one of their cafe tables or to take on a walk across the street to the River Walk for an impromptu picnic along the water.

4Square Deli & Gifts
405 President Clinton Ave
Little Rock, AR 72201

5 Comments to “Vegetarian Restaurant Review: 4Square Deli & Gifts, Little Rock, Arkansas”

  1. Thanks Ms. Beth for visiting 4square Cafe and Gifts and writing such a wonderful article. Both me and my husband are vegetarian and therefore opened a total vegetarian deli in Little Rock. We keep on trying new recipies from time to time and send out lunch special. We are also working on few posted information customers about a total vegetarian meal at our place.
    Kind Regards,
    Rashmi Jain

  2. You have no idea how happy I was to find you guys. I was weary from work travel and thrilled to not have to pick my way through a room service menu to find dinner that night. Thank you! Next time I’m in Little Rock I’ll stop by and see what your thoughts are on other vegetarian suitable places in the area (and, of course, to pick up one of your delicious wraps!)

  3. We will love to have your here again.
    See you next time.
    Rashmi Jain

  4. I was walking by last week and noticed that the menu items in the window were all veggie. I didnt go in because I just ate, but I will definately go this weekend. I dont think I have ever gone out to eat where I, the vegetarian could order anything on the menu. I am looking forward to it!

  5. As a vegetarian, it is a strange feeling to get handed a menu and you can have *anything* you want. After so many years of having to pick and choose 99% of the time, it is a nice, yet sometimes overwhelming, experience. Enjoy your meal! :)


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