Vegan Foods Shipped To Your Door: A Veggie Brothers Product Review

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After my cycling accident left me with an injured arm, I haven’t really had a chance to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing meals and I’ve really missed home cooked food. For a while now, I’ve been subscribed to the Veggie Brothers newsletter and I had considered doing a series of reviews for their products. A-ha! A perfect time to check-out vegan food delivered right to my doorstep and take advantage of their boil-in-a-bag concept that makes everything easy to prepare.

Before we dig in, I do have a few notes before I get going:

  • When I placed the order, I did not indicate who I was or that I was going to write a review of their products. So, Veggie Brothers has had no influence on any of my reviews.
  • I paid for everything that I reviewed. I did, however, take advantage of a “first time customer” coupon.
  • In the reviews, I provide the full price for the item ordered at the time the post was written. Veggie Brothers is generous with coupon codes and incentives that the actual price could be less than what’s on their site.
  • Finally, one may be willing to pay more to have vegan food delivered to your front doorstep while others may find that even with that convenience it’s out of their budget. Also, depending on where you live shipping costs can vary and add to your final costs. Because of these many variables, I am not going to  spend any time commenting on cost or value when reviewing these products.

Let’s get this started…

According to the Veggie Brothers’ website:

In 1999 Veggie Brothers Founder, Michael Balducci suffered from a numerous illnesses, experienced fatigue and pain daily, and needed a solution. He recognized the need to change his diet and improve his health to create a permanent lifestyle change that would serve him well.

In 2005, Veggie Brothers was born after Michael had a chance to experience and immerse himself in the vegan lifestyle but missed the familiar dishes he grew up eating. He wanted to “to give people lots of variety to choose from so he sought out the most brilliant vegan chefs and the greatest recipes he could find that he knew everyone would enjoy, regardless of whether they were vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, omnivore or carnivore.”

They have a lot of information on their site. So much so, that it’s actually sometimes a lot to read but, no one can fault them from being thorough.  Check out their FAQ’s for the easiest run-though of what the ordering process is like.

Placing an order is relatively easy – but see my previous thoughts of having a lot of information to sort through. Shipping zones, minimal orders, dry ice, nutrition information, specials, descriptions, all in different font styles and size – oh my! Don’t let that stop you. Just be prepared to kick off your shoes, sit back and spend some time perusing their site. (For example, they give a really in-depth article about how to save on shipping charges.) When I navigated through I threw things into my shopping basket and could easily delete or add items. I often get a bit overwhelmed when I’m ordering from a menu where I can eat absolutely everything listed so I’m glad that adjusting my shopping basket was pretty easy.  I finally did decide what I wanted, placed my order, sat back and waited…

True to their word, the package arrived two days later in a large box. Items were packed in styrofoam and dry ice.

I opened the box and there was a little dry ice “vapor” left inside but no more actual chunks of dry ice. However, everything inside was still frozen solid. The items at the top were on the verge of thawing but still in great shape.

Inside the box were several instruction sheets that covers everything including what to do if you find the food arrives in bad shape for whatever reason. Each item ordered arrived sealed in an airtight pouch which was placed in an individual ziploc bag.

Along with each item is an individual sheet with the name of the dish, nutrition information, and preparation information.

Everything was basically nice and flat, so the packages stored easily in my freezer to be prepared at a later time.  Now my freezer is packed with good looking food Over the next few weeks, I’m looking forward to not only eating but reviewing the following products from Veggie Brothers:

Check back here on Veggin’ or follow me on Facebook or Twitter to find out when each review is posted. After I make it through all these individual reviews, I’ll go back and do a wrap-up post on my overall impressions with this food adventure. I’ll have the first review up tomorrow..

1 Comments to “Vegan Foods Shipped To Your Door: A Veggie Brothers Product Review”

  1. I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never had a vegan meal which was delicious – granted, this says more about my cooking abilities than anything else, but the Veggie Brothers look like something I have to try. Great review.


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