Vegetarian Cooking Options On YouTube Are Not Few Nor Far Between

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Because of my bum arm, cooking is still a slow going option for me. But, that doesn’t stop me from watching others from cooking up a feast. If you’re tired of cooking shows on TV that only feature one vegetarian item, then there are some  youtube channels that you should check out. This is only a small sampling of what’s out there, but these certainly caught my eye because of their creativity and information provided.


Tough-guy Chef Vic hosts “Convicted”. He’s a brash talking biker guy that’s joined by his prim and proper Mama. It’s sponsored by Yves so the recipes are centered around one of their many products. Don’t let that stop you from watching him because you might find a new way to make one of their products or discover and interesting side dish.

Vegan & Raw Recipes 4 Kids: Veggie Winona

Watch these videos back-to-back and you’ll be humming her little opening theme jingle for the rest of the day. Cute, but not too precocious, Winona breaks down some really interesting recipes and goes on various vegan adventures with her mom.  Good stuff.

The Vegetarian Librarian

You look at her and she’s sort of geeky and awkward yet the driving beat at the beginning of every episode is an indication that there is more behind her librarian glasses. Kelly Reiss, from Chicago, serves up interesting recipes with quirky story lines (such as a gumbo seeking zombie in one episode.

VegNews TV

This channel features a few different formats – interviews, recipes, how-to’s, etc. So, if you don’t particularly like one personality, you can skip it and move on to someone, or something, you find more compelling.

Cooking Made Easy – Super Veggie Delight

She’s friendly, informative and no nonsense when it comes to her cooking. She gets rid of some of the mystery of Indian cooking, and breaks down some interesting recipes.

2 Comments to “Vegetarian Cooking Options On YouTube Are Not Few Nor Far Between”

  1. Great links! I’m much more inspired to cook after actually watching other people do it :)

  2. I enjoy cooking at home because it is a great family bonding experience and you feel better. Thanks for sharing great links.


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