Veggie Brothers Product Review: Mushroom Risotto

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Moving forward, the mushroom risotto is the next side dish to be reviewed as part of the Veggie Brothers review series.

I really like risotto. Nay, I love it. I find it a very soothing dish to make and even more comforting to eat.

I made the Veggie Brothers risotto using the boiling water method.

It was easy as pie (actually pie is a lot harder to prepare than this.)

The risotto was creamy in texture and had an earthy flavor and I could really taste the vegetable broth used. I’m glad this dish lived up to my very high risotto expectations and provides a nice side dish when you are searching for some comfort food.

Mushroom Risotto

Original Price: $4.25
Serving Size 4 oz. (112g)
Serving per container 1

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