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Someone at The House Gastropub in Little Rock, Arkansas must love vegans and vegetarians. It’s a nice feeling to walk into a casual neighborhood bar and know that you will walk away satisfied with not only all the options but the meal itself.
Starters include a heart of palm street dip, hummus and tzatziki plate, fried sweet potatoes and hand cut fries. Main dishes include a house-made vegan burger, baked macaroni and cheese, and, their show-stopper, a Thai green coconut curry. Although normally served with chicken, the menu suggests that vegans can double-up on the eggplant. (Kind of nice for the menu to suggest the veg-option right off the bat, eh?) And, be sure to check out their daily featured menu item on Facebook, the other day they had a vegetarian chili that looked quite good that was the special of the day.

I placed my order, and kicked back, relaxed and caught up on Arkansas news with a lovely summer ale…

Bottom line: The coconut curry I ordered was fabulous. (The beer was also fabulous, hence the fuzzy pictures.) The tomatoes were firm and warm popped in my mouth right as my teeth bit into them. The eggplant cubes were of the right size that fit perfectly in my chopsticks and were cooked so that they did not become too mushy. The sauce started off with a savory silky smoothness that ended in a nice zing of spiciness. Then there was a subtle hint of lime that permeated through each bite that created yet another layer of interest. And, finally, in the middle of the curry was a bit of sticky rice that soaked up all the flavors of this wonderful dish.

With a long day traveling, getting delayed in Chicago, and the mediocre veggie burger I experienced at Johnny Rockets during lunch, I was really in the mood to get some good food in me. The road-weary Megabeth was quite happy and satiated after this meal at The House.

The House Gastropub
722 N. Palm, Little Rock, AR 72205

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