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Vegetarians Traveling to Hawaii Won’t Go Hungry with Down to Earth Vegetarian Grocery Stores

We vegetarians learn early that when traveling, sometimes it’s easier to find a local grocery store and stock up on food. Fast food options are paltry and some restaurants think that great vegetarian food is an ice berg lettuce salad and a sad fetuccine alfredo.

Most supermarket chains will do just fine for my food choices, but when we were in Hawaii, we discovered something even better – Down to Earth grocery stores [1].

This all vegetarian chain of grocery stores was founded in 1977 and now boasts over six locations [2] scattered around the various Hawaiian islands.

We visited two stores while on our trip in Hilo, Hawaii and Kahului, Maui. Both were stocked from floor to ceiling with a wide-variety of products, had ample parking and did not price-gouge. (Although, food prices in Hawaii are much higher than on the mainland.)

For us jetlagged Mainlanders, we were in heaven in this store finding everything we needed for our island adventures. Aloha!

Down to Earth Vegetarian Grocery Stores
Various Locations [1]