Celebrate the Return of Mad Men with a 60’s-inspired Vegetarian Spread

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Don Draper, Joan, Betty, Pete, Peggy and the rest of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce will be coming back into our living rooms after a long hiatus on Sunday. What better way to rejoice in the return of Mad Men, then host yourself a 1960’s inspired buffet? Start the night with some buttery roasted pecans that your guests can munch on while you mix their drinks at the bar.

Arrange some deviled eggs and serve up some vegetarian meatballs with bourbon mustard dipping sauce. Or, make some of these homemade meatballs with adobo dipping sauce.  Get your toothpicks with little frilly bits on top ready!

Finish up your spread with this warm cottage cheese, artichoke and sundried tomato dip, some mock chopped liver or, a cheese ball!

Moving on to heartier fare, these artichoke lasagna rolls can be made ahead of time and are easy to scoop on your party plate.

Serve a side of baked asparagus with goat cheese, whip up a quick spinach salad and you’ve got yourself a meal worthy of the 60’s!


1 Comments to “Celebrate the Return of Mad Men with a 60’s-inspired Vegetarian Spread”

  1. Love the post! I’m vegan and love Mad Men… we recorded the premiere and are watching it tonight… avec 60’s cocktails and veg finger food ;)


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