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Beast Burger: Best new veggie burger? Maaaaaybe…not?

[1]One of the things I’ve always professed is that as a vegetarian I’m not trying to find things that replicate the taste of meat [2]. I basically just want things to taste good and convey great flavor and not have to mimic any sort of animal taste. The veggie burger industry is an ever-growing market with so many different flavors out there to choose from.

When I saw the news that a new veggie burger was coming from Beyond Meat that looked rather “sizzly” and juicy, I was intrigued and had to try it out. I bought the Beast Burger from the local Whole Foods and set to work to provide a review for you, my dear Veggin’ readers.

The frozen patties were stuck together right out of the package, but I let them sit for a few minutes (while doing some multi-tasking dishwasher unloading). After a few minutes, the patties popped right off each other.

I made the burger per package directions for stovetop – spritz a little oil in a skillet and heat it up.

I served the burgers on a toasted kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and a bit of dijon mustard. And, the results are….



Final Judgement: If you’re looking for a mid-week meal to hit some of the nutrients you may be missing because you’re eating on the run, go for these burgers. And, the taste was okay. For the price, I was hoping for a better taste…but you can’t beat the nutritional wallop these patties bring. However, as far as I’m concerned, a veggie burger shouldn’t rely on the condiments to make it taste better – a veggie burger should be the main attraction. While I didn’t grill these in this taste-test, I think these would be good to bring to a backyard BBQ to slap on the grill and hear them sizzle.