What to do when Faced with Feeding a Vegetarian on Thanksgiving

November 23, 2009 By: Megabeth Category: Article, Main Dishes, Salads, Side Dishes, Snacks/Appetizers

Oh no! You’re faced with feeding a vegetarian on Thanksgiving. Let’s take this from the top…as I’ve said before – first of all…relax! .

Most vegetarians really don’t want to cause any trouble for any host. You’ll also find that many vegetarian dishes will satisfy the most ardent of carnivores so you really don’t have to put in any extra work. Last year, I put together a series of tips and thoughts on how to survive Thanksgiving with a vegetarian sitting at your table. You’ll find that prepping for a vegetarian really is not that bad. Read through that article and come back here where you’re done.

Now…last year, I also put together a list of recipes that would be suitable for your feast. Here’s an updated list of suggestions since I have another year’s worth of recipes to draw from. So,  now that the panic has subsided, you can step away from the Tofurky, create some spectacular vegetarian dishes and enjoy the holiday.


Snacks/First Course/Other

Suitable for Main Course

Side Dishes – Potatoes/Pasta/Grains

Side Dishes – Lentils/Beans

Side Dishes – Vegetables

Vegetarian Halloween Treats for your Ghosts and Goblins

October 27, 2009 By: Megabeth Category: Article, Main Dishes, Misc., Other, Side Dishes, Snacks/Appetizers

Halloween brings out witches, ghosts and goblins and lots of creativity. As with any holiday, there are always plenty of vegetarian and vegan dishes we can make. With a quick internet search, I found several great recipes that will satisfy the even most ghoulish of our carnivore friends.

  • Faux Stuffed Intestines – This dish isn’t for the faint of heart (especially one of a vegetarian). But, if you’re looking for a high gross out factor, these “stuffed intestines” fit the bill. Before you get too grossed out, relax. These intestines are made with a flaky outer pastry crust stuffed with a vegetable filling of yams, corn and olives with “green guts” made of peas. Dig in!



  • Spider Web Pizza –  Hardcore Herbivore uses her artistic eye to create a cool spiderweb pizza that’s completely vegan.


  • Eyeball Caprese – Evil Mad Scientist brings us an idea to serve basil, tomatoes, mozzarella and olives in a creepy, yet stylish, way.eyeball-food


  • Eyeball Martini –  Continuing on with the eyeball theme, carved radishes in ice cubes bring a new twist on James Bond’s favorite drink.  (Or, for a non-alcoholic beverage, check out how to make bloodshot eyeballs in tomato juice.)




  • Cheese Pumpkins – Betty Crocker gets her Halloween on by suggesting we take some cold pack cheese, roll it into pumpkin shapes and garnish with pretzel sticks, peanuts and a little parsley leaf. Not a lot of cooking required but they do make cute little finger foods.


  • spookspreadToasted Bats – Use these little bats as the delivery mechanism for pate, dip and other Halloween spreads.


  • Halloween Veggie Platters – Get out your anatomy book and your vegetable slicer and make an edible skeleton with your favorite dip. Check out 365 Halloween for other ideas of how to put these bony dudes together.


  • And, finally, it’s time for Tricks or Treats! Wondering if the candy you’re handing out is vegan? Check out this list and bring on the Twizzlers and Now and Laters!


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